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I managed to solve the problem myself. I had to flush the permalinks on the English admin page. Now all of the above urls work.


This is the filter I'm using: function em_wpml_dbem_taxonomy_category_slug($option){ $lang = get_bloginfo('language'); if( $lang === 'es-ES' ){ $option = 'eventos/categorias'; } else { $option = 'events/categories'; } return $option; } add_filter('pre_option_dbem_taxonomy_category_slug', 'em_wpml_dbem_taxonomy_category_slug');


I can separate my answer to two sections Recommended: A bit about the translation plugins Nothing wrong if you use Polylang, WPML or QTranslate or other, those plugins are widely used and are for that purpose, also actively maintained. Also, those plguins support Arabic language very well. Switching posts Plugins like Polylang, WPML and other can ...

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