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When naming your po and mo files in a theme, you need to only make use of the language code to name these files. Any other convention will not work For example, my blog is in Afrikaans and the localization language code is af_AF. My mo and po files are named accordingly, ie, af_AF.po and af_AF.mo I'm not sure what the codes are for German, but change the ...


Turns out that the correct key was icl_admin_language. I was able to drop the key from the "get_user_meta" function and then print_r the variable. This showed me all custom user meta which I could then sift through for my desired key.


WordPress doesn't have built-in features for a site that is served in multiple languages. Yes WordPress has features for translating the UI labels into different languages, but not for the actual content. You are going to need to use a plugin that basically keeps multiple versions of each Post for each language and has means for the user to select the ...

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