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You try this example <?php // outputs a list of languages names ?> <ul><?php pll_the_languages(); ?></ul> <?php // outputs a flags list (without languages names) ?> <ul><?php pll_the_languages(array('show_flags'=>1,'show_names'=>0)); ?></ul> <?php // outputs a dropdown list of languages names ?> ...


If you want to change more than just the stylesheet, your child theme can override any file in the parent theme: simply include a file of the same name in the child theme directory, and it will override the equivalent file in the parent theme directory when your site loads. For instance, if you want to change the PHP code for the site header, you can include ...


It had to do with the file path for the required items I found an answer at this location that got it to work: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5647075/fatal-error-require-once-function-require-failed-opening-required


If I am correct (I am not familiar with the plugin itself) it actualy means that you have/use more then one text-domain in your function(s) or theme template(s) as in (just an example): _e( 'Your Ad here', 'my-text-domain' ) / _e( 'Your Ad here', 'your-text-domain' ) You should always use one text-domain for your functions (if they are in functions.php, ...


you don't need to edit functions.php (moreover don't edit this line or it will break the localisation of the theme, because arcade, is the code used to know where to search translations) according to the line you read in functions.php, you have to put fr_CA.mo and fr_CA.po in wp-content/themes/arcade-basic/library/languages


The sweet and short of it all is, never try to translate HTML tags. Use placeholders and either printf or sprintf to translate strings with HTML tags Something like this will do printf() printf( __( 'This %s text %s have an %s HTML %s tag. Another sentence...' ), '<em>', '</em>', '<b>', '</b>' ); sprintf() sprintf( __( 'This %s ...


The second option will not only (as @mmm already said) confuse translators, but also the order of words in a sentence can be significantly different from one language to another. With the first option a translator can adjust and translate properly, which is not possible with the second one.

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