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WP Engine has recently expanded the locales available on their platform. Here is the current list at the time of this reply: C C.UTF-8 da_DK.utf8 el_CY.utf8 el_GR.utf8 en_AG en_AG.utf8 en_AU.utf8 en_BW.utf8 en_CA.utf8 en_DK.utf8 en_GB.utf8 en_HK.utf8 en_IE.utf8 en_IN en_IN.utf8 en_NG en_NG.utf8 en_NZ.utf8 en_PH.utf8 en_SG.utf8 en_US.utf8 en_ZA.utf8 en_ZM ...


Use plugin_locale filter: apply_filters( 'plugin_locale', $locale, $domain ); Change locale like this: $my_plugin_domain = 'my_plugin_domain_name'; $override_locale = 'es-ES'; add_filter('plugin_locale', function ($locale, $domain) use ($my_plugin_domain, $override_locale) { if($domain == $my_plugin_domain) { $locale = ...

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