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Download the zip from Extract its content into the wp-includes folder. Command line one-liner from within WP root: $ php wp-includes/makepot.php wp-plugin wp-content/plugins/MYPLUGIN/ wp-content/plugins/MYPLUGIN/MYLANGFOLDER/MYPLUGIN.pot Then you take this resulting .pot file as source for Poedit. Finally ensure ...


You can use sprintf: echo sprintf( __('Follow %s on Facebook', 'yanse'), get_bloginfo('name') );


For anyone who had like to use Poedit instead of Easy Po. Download (latest version of) Poedit and Install Go to file>New. A new tab will come up, choose your language of translation and Save (ctrl + s) to the root folder of your wordpress theme. On the page you will see next, Click on - "Extract from sources". The tab you will see next is similar to those ...

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