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I made a huge mistake by using function load_textdomain. While typing the code I used the auto suggest function in Sublime-Text and got it all wrong. So use load_theme_textdomain


(Answering my own question) It is now 1 week after posting my question. I just revisited the dashboard. There are now two updates available: WordPress 4.3.1–nl_NL and WordPress 4.3.1–en_US. So it looks as if the localized update takes some more time to prepare. I will not click anything right now, assuming that the update will go automatically. To be ...


WordPress doesn't quite have a practice of localizing something that isn't core/plugin/theme. My educated guess would be that it will work just fine with same concepts, but you will have to write custom loading logic. Use lower level load_textdomain(), since higher level functions are meant for plugins/themes specifically. As long as you determine and load ...


1st as you figured out, Wordpress does not offer any built in multilingual support for posts and pages. 2nd Themes, plugins etc. need a separate translation workflow than pages. But that is usually ok, since the theme does not change as much as the pages (normally). To translate the themes I would recommend Loco Translate ...

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