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Go to your WAMP settings and enable php_mysqli extension. You can do that within the toolbar menu on the right. Just right click on the WAMP icon and go to PHP extensions menu. PHP 5.5 will warn about the deprecated mysql driver functions. Turn off warnings by setting Debug to false in the wp-config.php, or use a database layer such as this plugin.


To make wp_remote_get() work you need to check your php.ini file. In your php.ini file you need to set allow_url_include = On, which by default is set as allow_url_include = Off. Otherwise wp_remote_get() will not work. Reference: http://php.net/allow-url-include


You've got a few hefty questions there so I'll point you in the right direction. Run wordpress locally. You need MAMP (for mac) or WAMP (for windows). It'll work just like your live site but the files will be on your computer. More info: https://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_Locally_on_Your_Mac_With_MAMP Make a child theme for your site. This ...

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