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I don't know if you are answered...but what i have encountered especially when i was working on linux and i just thought maybe other users, especially who are working on linux might find this useful. I was facing the same problem...but i had to use the SSH2 option. How to install SSH2 apt-get install openssh-server libssh2-php After that, i had to ...


Ubuntu Users Just add define('FS_METHOD','direct'); to wp-config.php and it will work on localhost. Just make sure you don't add it to production version. See:


When you copy the files from goDaddy all sorts of oddities from that host may come with it. If I were you I would do a clean install. Download WordPress and install it Check which plugins and themes you have running on your goDaddy. Download fresh ones and install them. Export all content from goDaddy (under tools -> export) and upload it locally. Copy the ...


It looks like you have not imported the backup of database (sql file) to new database you have created in your localhost. Also after importing the database to local server you will need to replace the live site URL with new localhost URL at all instances in local database.


Firstly, you're essentially setting up a mini web host at home. I wouldn't advise this; aside from (potentially) being against your ISP's terms and conditions, you also want to be really sure you're not opening up security holes to your local machine. Having said that, you just need to ensure that as well as listening on your local IP, Apache is also ...

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