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Go to the database and then go the options table the name of options table will be database prefix + options , if your prefix is wp_ , then it will be wp_options . After that change two options named "home" and "site_url" , change their value to your current domain .


You can easy plugin transfer to other host https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-clone-by-wp-academy/ localhost 1: first install plugin your localhost wordpress. 2: goto wp clone create local backup. 3: copy backup .zip upload any host/server. host/server 1: first install plugin your host/server wordpress. 2: goto wp clone select restore backup. 3: ...


If your client's existing site is a wordpress site and you just want to use your new theme then you can just upload the theme from your local PC to the remote server and change the theme out in the remote backend. Either way, how you run both sites simultaneously will differ depending on your exact setup. As far as transferring your database goes, I assume ...

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