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I have just upgraded a large WordPress site through a number of environments, taking each one completely offline whilst I performed the upgrade. We're using IIS as the web server, but since I appreciate most people use Apache, I'll try and keep the steps as generic as possible to apply to both setups. These are the steps: Take site offline (bear in mind ...


It could be a plugin. Try renaming the plugin folder (inside wp-content) to pluginx and try accessing the admin panel. Renaming the plugin folder will make all your plugins reset and automatically turn off. Then try turning each plugin back on one by one.


I found a solution after looking for several threads and official forums: If you created your wp-config.php file using the Wordpress automatic install then it is most likely that your wp-config.php has an unclosed <?php tag, close to line 80 - 81. After that fix, everything in MAMP and XAMPP was working fine. I don't know if it is a Wordpress ...


Concur with @perpetualstudent about offline development. If you start by installing on the webserver, then always copy in the direction of your PC dev you won't be overriding user data. There are two fields in wp_options table that need to be modified each time you copy the database, these are siteurl and home that need to change to point to your local PC ...

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