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I have found out how to fix it but can't seem to find out what caused it. The website was fairly new and was launched on April 20th, 2015. Not many updates had been done so maybe thats why? Someone had suggested that I replace all instances of the wordpress core files (except wp-config.php and wp-content as these are important for your website and without ...


The message displayed by Chrome in your screen shot indicates the problem is more likely a network / server issue than a problem with the website. The puzzling part is you say you can open other sites on localhost. Do you access those sites the same way i.e localhost/someotherdir? What happens if you type Look for error ...


For error: WordPress database error Got error 28 from storage engine Solution: The error come when MySQL doesn't have any free hard disk space to write to. Check your /tmp directory, that's where I had run into problems. Once clear and restarting mysql should look working. You can check disk space via command line: myServer# df -h Don't forgot to check ...


Try remove the genesis theme folder and see what happens. Make sure you have the default WordPress theme folders under /wp-content/themes/

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