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Thanks for the help birgire. That gave me a lot to think about. Eventually I have came up with a solution using a filter I can count the number of parents the menu has. The only problem with this approach is that it will run every time a menu is displayed. function my_nav_menu_objects($sorted_menu_items, $args) { if($args->menu == 'header_menu') { ...


please change 'oderby' => 'the_title' to 'oderby' => 'title' then you will get the posts in Alphabetical order


I was curious and decided to check it out, regardless if it's relevant for a CSS problem ;-) I first peeked into the database tables to find more about the menu structure: Menu - building blocks Each navigational menu is registered as a term in the nav_menu taxonomy. Then when we add items to that menu, we are creating new post objects of the type ...

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