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Go to Settings/permalinks and click save. To prevent this from being a problem with plugins, or themes that insatiate CPT's/ Taxonomies there is the function flush_rewrite_rules. here is the link from the codex.


This Ugly Links you call in WordPress is named Permalinks. There are many formats of Permalinks, such as: Default Day and Name Month and Name Numeric Post Name (used by most of WordPress Themes on web now-a-days) Custom Structure I didn't quite understand your question, Did you change the Permalink some how? Are you getting redirected? Or, Would like to ...


Settings --> Permalinks. Choose 'post name'. See the official Wordpress codex page for more.


Your question seems to have been already answered by a user here: However it sounds like your problem would be solved by using this plugin: Relative URL Relative URL applies wp_make_link_relative function to links to convert them to relative URLs. Yoast also has some background on relative URLs.

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