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What would you do if the user uses a proxy and randomizes his IP address? There are numerous browser plugins to simplify that to a click of a button to download multiple times. The same goes for cookies. Aside from that you are trying to collect data that allows to identify users, which is illegal in lots of countries. What (could) work much better is a ...


Use bp_core_get_user_domain($user_id). This will give you the url part up to the username (with a slash at the end). Try something like the following: $user_id=bp_displayed_user_id(); $link=bp_core_get_user_domain($user_id)."profile/edit/group/8";


Ah ha: by searching the rendered page for target I discovered that the site was running a plugin called "Open external links in a new window." Disabling that plugin solved the problem.


Text that is displayed after you click on browser RSS icon depends on the feed reader you are using. I don't think you can modify what it displays directly through WordPress (correct me if I'm wrong). A simple workaround to achieve something similar to what you want would be placing feed links to different categories. You can place a link for every category ...

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