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When using load_theme_textdomain your language filename must be named based on the locale exactly. Name it en_US.mo instead of transparent-en_US.mo Read the instructions carefully at: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/load_theme_textdomain


If you want to change more than just the stylesheet, your child theme can override any file in the parent theme: simply include a file of the same name in the child theme directory, and it will override the equivalent file in the parent theme directory when your site loads. For instance, if you want to change the PHP code for the site header, you can include ...


i have instaled English WordPress Admin (Version 1.5.1 | Par khromov he is compatible with my Wordpress version) and i have changed english-wp-admin/english-wp-admin.php //Switch locale if we are on an admin page if(is_admin()) { return 'fr_FR'; } //If using WPLANG, otherwise check DB if(defined('WPLANG')) { return ...


Yes, rename your pt_AR.mo to ar.mo and pt_FR to fr_FR.mo. In step one install but not activate yet the plugin Admin in English. Edit the plugin's php script. Find line with en_US string and replace this string with fr_FR. Save and activate the plugin. Now your Dashboard will be in French. In step two remove first three lines of your code from theme's ...

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