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Yes, you can delete the .mo and .po files without any negative effect, but they don't cause any harm by just being there.


If it is a new install, the best option is to install WordPress in Russian. You will have English also available from "Settings > general > Site Language". You can also manually install additional languages: download the files from this respository and upload theme to "wp-content/languages" directory. The new installed languages will be available in ...


You can use Google Chrome. And using the built-in Google Translator you can translate your non-English web page or admin panel to a readable format at least. Step 1: In your German (non-English Google Translate Supported language) web page/admin panel click on to the Translate button Step 2: Hit the Translate button And, Yala! Then you can easily ...


Go to Einstellungen/Allgemein/Sprache der Seite (wp-admin/options-general.php) and select English. Then click the Button Änderungen übernehmen.


in the version 4.0 or above just go to Settings > general > Site Language and choose your desired language. You can find more information in Wordpress Codex.

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