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The text_direction property of the WP_Locale class defaults to 'ltr' as per it's declaration, then may be modified in the class's init() initialization function in wp-includes/locale.php (near line #207 in WP 4.5) with the following logic: // Set text direction. if ( isset( $GLOBALS['text_direction'] ) ) $this->text_direction = ...


Here is a better solution that will not change anything in your post, but will only add a meta // Set the post language when loading up the page based on the store meta function ppl_set_post_language() { $postID = url_to_postid( $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ); if ($postID > 0) { $postLanguage = esc_attr( get_post_meta( $postID, ...


I found the solution. There was no languages folder in /wp-content directory. I created a the directory and gave it proper permissions. Switching between languages worked after that.

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