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Perhaps it's auto-update (since 4.2.3 is a security one). Try disabling the auto updates prior to WP installation via wp-config.php. Here is an article on that. Follow the "Famous 5-Minute Install" but rename manually the wp-config.php file and disable the auto updates first before proceeding installing the WP.


Yes is possible. The only thing is that you will have "two sets" of permalinks: example.com/2015/07/27 example.com/new-website/2015/07/27 Here is a codex article that explains that. Edit 1: Here is a more detailed article on the topic with it's pros/cons and potential issues.


You're almost there, it's just the other way around: define('WP_HOME','http://www.m2comm-semi.com/new'); define('WP_SITEURL','http://www.m2comm-semi.com'); WP_HOMEis the URL where the actual files are and WP_SITEURL is the URL under which you access the site. Also be aware that this doesn't go in the functions.php but in the wp-config.php The Admin is ...


After reading more about the google analytic site, I found that it can take a while for analytics to start working. After waiting a full night, analytics is now working perfectly.


It's better that you should contact the plugin author for the problem you are facing. There is another approach you can follow. Go to the theme directory and in your functions.php file , Paste this little code. function custom_analytics_code(){ $analytics_code = "<script> ...


Its not entirely dormant, wp has a cron system to automate scheduled tasks. So even if noone accesses it it will keep plugging away at scheduled tasks. *** as long ad someone has accessed the site to trigger it. It will run until all tasks completed or the max execution time for scripts on the server has been reached


Have a look at this install script. https://github.com/Pravdomil/WP-Quick-Install I take your ideas and some code and create something what you probably searching for. Features are setup database, different languages, create users, set basic site settings, delete default plugins and templates, download install and activate plugins and themes, default ...

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