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Not a direct answer to your specific case but this will probably help you figure out how to do it. I found an article here: http://www.sutanaryan.com/jquery-duplicate-fields-form-submit-with-php/ which details the process of posting fields which can be repeated using jQuery. In his example he creates an HTML form: <form action="process.php" ...


it you're not seeing the buttons, try to call QTags._buttonsInit(); right after you call the quicktags( settings ); function. quicktags(settings); QTags._buttonsInit(); Following also works for me qt_editor = new QTags( { 'id': 'my_editor', 'buttons': 'strong,em,link' } ); QTags._buttonsInit(); Also, it seems that adding a button via QTags.addButton() ...

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