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I had a similar issue, I was using LibreOffice Calc. When saving as CSV I had to enable "Quote all text cells" for it to work correctly.


THE SHORT Export sudo mysqldump -u root -pPASSWORD DBNAME > filename.sql Import wp db import filename.sql THE LONG So this turns out to be very painless. The server dump is exactly what WP-CLI needs to import. REMOTE sudo mkdir backup Make a directory for the file. sudo chown -f -R ec2-user:group backup Set permissions to the directory ...


The issue seems to may be with identical post_date on both a revision and a post. As the data is transferred into the DB, the revision goes first and when the post hits it, the DB sees it as already existing and so does not transfer the actual post. First check: Post type Date I'm not sure how it ended up with duplicate dates and times but, in my case, ...

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