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I managed that with css. This is how i did it: On your header.php file add a class to your image tag like this: img class="logo" src="" alt="" Then, on your style.css add the logo class: .logo { max-width: 200px; } If needs any change afterwards just go to the Editor and change the value directly in the style.css file.


You can use the_content filter to filter all post content and replace img sources. add_filter( 'the_content', 'show_full_sized_images' ); /** * Replaces all -600x999 images with full image url * @param string $content * @return string */ function show_full_sized_images( $content ) { $pattern = '~(http[^\'"]*)(-600x[0-9]{2,4})(\.jpe?g|png|gif)~i'; ...

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