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May I suggest an update to the code of the above answer? Unfortunately in newer versions of Wordpress the key 'path' is no longer provided for the file sizes. So to make it work on older post uploads, we should first get the current subdir from the original image and use this to make the location path for the large image. So replace this line: ...


Your assumption that all images are uploaded from a browser is false. Currently images can be uploaded via the XML-RPC protocol and once the REST API will be merged it will also be used to upload images. Images can also be imported from other sites. The point is that you should not assume that images are fitting the design. If you need images to look the ...


For some reason, I think the image does not take all available space that it has, you can add a width: 100%; on the .post-thumbnail img. It solves the issue here. Edit: You can see, by looking at the chrome dev tools (or firefox/IE) that the container does not have the save width as it children :

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