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If I understand correctly, you can try with this code. add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' ); set_post_thumbnail_size( 252, 252, true); //enter code here if ( has_post_thumbnail()): the_post_thumbnail(); endif; OR if ( has_post_thumbnail()): the_post_thumbnail(array(252, 252)); endif;


Don't do it. You will need the original images to regenerate the smaller version when you will want to change the theme, and disk space is so cheap there is no real need to conserve it. A better alternative is to limit image upload size and force the user to photoshop the image before uploading, something that most likely will also improve the result of ...


You should be able to do this with the same filter that is talked about here. The full-size images are being kept by WordPress. It's not really a WooCommerce thing. As well as the settings for images in WooCommerce you will also need to set minimum image size in WordPress's Settings>Media... Then this script (see the link above for complete discussion) ...

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