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I had similar question this morning I recommended this plugin


Being in wp-admin/options-permalink.php (Permalinks) you can easily set this using Custom Structure: /%post_id%/%postname%/ So you can browse the Hello World post with: http://example.com/1/hello-world/ But if you strip out the postname from the URL like below: http://example.com/1/ You can still access the Hello World post. CAUTION Changing ...


WordPress has its own rewriting system in PHP so you can do it both ways If you want to rewrite these url from htaccess, i would only make it rewrite http://www.example.com/newsletter/confirm/token to http://www.example.com/newsletter/?ut=token instead of trying to rewrite http://www.example.com/newsletter/confirm/token to ...


As far as I can see, it is not possible to use a custom 404 ErrorDocument directive in your htaccess file because WordPress' index.php will always be found when processing the htaccess content. (unless ofcourse index.php got deleted for some reason) Because index.php is found, it will not trigger the '404 not found' ErrorDocument directive. The ...

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