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Finally I've found a working solution. The cartoon-series can be registered as you did but episodes custom post types can not be hirarchical (I think WordPress expects parent content be the same type as child content if the relationship is set using post_parent in wp_posts database table). When registering episodes, the rewrite rule must be set to the slug ...


You will need to write your own URL parsing code for that as wordpress needs to know the type of the post it tries to retrieve from the DB based on the url structure and your url structure do no give any hint to this. This is not something that is very easy to do with the rewrite rules API of wordpress, but there is nothing that prevents you bypassing the ...


You should use the save_post hook to handle your meta box and set the post_parent field of the post. An alternative aproch is to look at the page edit page and check what is the name of the "parent page" drop down and use the same for your dropdown instead of the parent_id you use right now.


You'll want a post type of type book, with a custom taxonomy for the publisher series. Use post meta for the books data. The UI will be provided by Core As a refresher: Things/objects/entities are post types We classify things using taxonomies. If you can filter by X, then X is a taxonomy, e.g. colour, type, size, shape, manufacturer, etc Attributes that ...

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