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It's informative to check out Really Simple Syndication Best Practices Profile . About the <item> tag: An item MAY contain the following child elements: author, category, comments, description, enclosure, guid, link, pubDate, source and title. All of these elements are OPTIONAL but an item MUST contain either a title or description. About ...


I'm afraid it's not possible to do it without any plugin. Author's image (gravatar) is not published in RSS, and it's computed based on author's e-mail address, which also is not published in RSS... But if you have control over both of these sites, then you could use JSON API/XML RPC to get the newest blog posts - then you could get all info from these ...


Ok, I found the problem. It was WordPress Move Comments plug-in's issue and the problem solved by disabling this plugin. I'll say this problem to the developers today.


Find all the functions "get_avatar" used in your theme folder. Identify the wrong calls echo get_avatar($comment,$size='48',$default='<path_to_url>' ); or echo get_avatar($comment,48,'<path_to_url>' ); If you find these,then change it to echo get_avatar( $comment, 48 ); . Hope this gonna help you :)

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