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I am working on something that uses images in a very similar fashion. As mentioned, you will need to implement custom meta boxes for your 'product' post type to create an image field. I use the CMB2 framework to build out the meta boxes. It provides several field types, one of which is file_list. File_list allows you to set multiple images via the ...


First of all thanks to toscho for his solution. In case anybody needs the code for his theme instead of using it as a plugin here is the adopted code rewritten as a single function: add_shortcode('wp_caption', 'img_caption_add_description'); add_shortcode('caption', 'img_caption_add_description'); function img_caption_add_description($attr, $content = null) ...


In the admin panel, select custom CSS and add this code: .gallery-image { width: 30%; } That will increase the image width pushing the 4th image down to the next line :)

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