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I'm not a very good coder, I've only asked questions on here, but because no one was able to answer your question, I suppose I'll give it a shot. If I remember correctly, this should remove the toolbars on the tinyMCE: function my_format_TinyMCE( $in ) { $in['toolbar1'] = ''; $in['toolbar2'] = ''; $in['toolbar'] = false; return $in; } ...


I don't know why the code is not working. But this is how i did this may be helpful for some noob like me <?php $name = get_the_content(); preg_match('/\[gallery ids="([^]]*)\"]/', $name, $match); $w3_ids = explode( ",", $match[1] ); $gallery_count=1; foreach( $w3_ids AS $w3_id ): ...

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