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Hey i was also looking for same solution. So i have this chat application and i am using polling kind of activity using heatbeat now if when chat closes i don’t want any traffic on my site which is useless so i want to disable heartbeat but unfortunately wordpress do not allow to disable heartbeat, I see it was security reason, There was this stop function ...


an echo before inserting content, are you sure ? Possibly sending headers, blocks insert POST request and set pid to empty value. if (isset ($_POST['description'])) { $description = $_POST['description']; } else { echo 'Please enter some notes'; }


If you save $jobcatsvalue make sure if it's an array of integers when saving. // Format the taxonomies if(is_array($_POST['jobcats'])){ foreach($_POST['jobcats'] as $j){ $jobcatvalue[] = intval($j); } } else { $jobcatvalue = array(intval($_POST['jobcats'])); }


The above answer has an error and an omission (not sure why it has 4 checks) 1) int_val not a WP function intval is a WP function 2) You need to include("./wp-admin/includes/user.php" ) to call wp_delete_user I wanted to delete users without going to admin dashboard - Here is working code solution: add_action('init','prefix_delete_user'); function ...


It should be action instead of "doaction", then it will work just fine. As for your request for some documentation, as far as I know there is no overview about parameters/actions available at edit.php. So lets do some source code inspection, as you said yourself, you have gotten the inpiration for your approach from the edit.php, so we start there. You have ...


May be you have to check the template, its possibile that it may have: remove_filter('the_content','wpautop'); or any other function that has to do with the_content and strip_tags usally they are located in theme functions.php


After trying to build dashboard functionality on the "frontend" of a site, the WPMU multi-site alternative was to seriously minimize, strip-down, and customize a template for the user type that required that functionality. They login directly to the dashboard, or can be linked their from their account page when logging in. Everything you described is ...

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