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In theory yes, but it will be a very bad thing to do. For that you will need to have the secret used to generate the nonce at site A in site B which means tht if site B is compromised site A might be as well (there is also some time synchronization that needs to be done between the site, but that the lesser worry). There are two ways to properly go about it ...


No. WordPress is written in PHP which is not Java. Maybe you can configure your webserver in a way to proxy a certain URL to be handled by some Java Server, but this is definitely not a WordPress issue and would be off topic here. You can try with sister sites like though.


I know that this is an old question... but! there is a nice view count which means that people still need this. Maybe it would also help you close this question ;) Here is an ajax version The page itself the JS code The PHP Ajax receiver and publishing code. Inside your Page Template - this is an example - customize to your theme structure <div ...

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