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This is the solution. I had the same problem with my Elegant Themes "Divi", but not other themes. I asked and in support forum the answer is in CSS: .stButton .stFb, .stButton .stTwbutton, .stButton .stMainServices { height: 28px !important; } Also, for the count bubble: .stHBubble { height: 22px !important; }


Simple solution, use get_template_part(). For example: get_template_part( 'partials/footer' ); Which would get the footer.php inside the partials/ directory. Another example: get_template_part( 'partials/footer', 'home' ); Which would get the footer-home.php inside the partials/ directory. One more example: get_template_part( ...


Instead of page slug use page id like is_page(12) where page id 12 Edit Your code should work I afraid your page slug is not same, so it will be safe to use page ID instead of slug

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