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I would suggest a filter on the_content much like: function conditional_footer_wpse_165930() { if (is_single()) { if (has_category('cat')) { return 'This is the cat footer'; } } } add_filter('the_content','conditional_footer_wpse_165930',PHP_INT_MAX); I am not sure about all of the details you require. You may need to tweak that code.


Themes from twentyten to twentyfourteen have a hook called twenty{year}_credits inside <div class="site-info">. You can add an action for each of this one to add the copyright.


AFAIK there is no fail safe way to implement this into all available themes through a plugin, and IMHO, I really think this is more theme territory than plugin territory, but as I said, that is only my opinion. The big problem here is that no plugin (not even you) will ever know what markup or hooks, filters or functions is used by a specific theme, let ...

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