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Your html would be vaguely something like this... <div class="onehalf"> Your address here </div> <div class="onehalf"> Your google map embed code </div> then some css like... .onehalf { width:50%; } Then just make your google map 100% width and an appropriate height


It is not possible to override header/footer via hooks in respective get_header()/get_header() functions. However it is often overlooked that these function allow input and loading different headers. For example get_header( 'nested/header' ); will look for header-nested/header.php in theme's folder. It's kind of a hack in regards to subdirectory use, but ...


Good news, I seem to have fixed the code. I cleaned up the code for #colophon. I changed it from this: #colophon { background:url(http://kjel.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/footer-img.jpeg) repeat-x bottom center; height:80%; width:100%; position:absolute; margin:0; padding:0; bottom:0; min-width:100%; min-height:1%; } ...

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