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You can use the category__in argument: // use get_the_category( $post_id ) if you are outside the loop $categories = get_the_category(); if( $categories ){ $related_posts = get_posts( array( 'category__in' => $categories ) ); }


The thing with class methods is that unless they're static, they belong to an object. And in your case your object is: new WC_Admin_Taxonomies_new(); Which means PHP will create the object and keep it in memory. But unfortunately, since you're not assigning this object to a variable, you have no way of referencing it later in your code. Off the top of my ...


Im no expert on this but here goes: After reading some code and doing a global search of the filter, its not a filter at all, the only time that filter is called is in a do_action // HOOKABLE: This action runs just before logging the user in (before creating a WP cookie) do_action( "wsl_hook_process_login_before_wp_set_auth_cookie", $user_id, ...


If I understand you correctly you're not looking for the wp_search_stopwords filter type of solution. So here's a modification of the great answer by @kaiser that you referred to: /** * Exclude array of words from all search queries in the front-end * * Modification of http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/41100/26350 by @kaiser */ add_filter( ...

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