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Why does WordPress incorporate 4 different ones instead of focusing on 1 universal one? Because there is no such thing as a "universal" one. Different systems require different formats. Having support for multiple formats increases interoperability and is not a bad thing.


Feeds are not stored, WordPress generate them on request. That means that even if WordPress can generate 4 type of feed, that does not affect in any way performance, but gives the possibility to users to choose a format they like according to reader they are using: is not WordPress fault if there are different types of feed standard. The WordPress preferred ...


The various versions of RSS contain increasingly complex information, with the RSS 2.* being the most up to date. Atom feeds are another competing method of syndicating content. In general, RSS Feeds are more commonly used, and are almost always used to distribute podcasts. The Wikipedia article gives pretty good info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rss


Check out either the the_content_feed and the_excerpt_rss filters or use the regular content and excerpt filters with the is_feed conditional function. The following should get you on the right track: function wpse_140401_add_to_feed( $content ) { $twitter_handle = /* grab handle */; if ( is_feed() ) { $content .= '<p>' . ...

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