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Your issue is in the callable object you add: array( __CLASS__, "build_shortcode") This translates to: array( "WC_Product_Categories", "build_shortcode") Which is equivalent to: WC_Product_Categories::build_shortcode(); But build_shortcode is not a static function/method, and static functions/methods do not have a $this object, because there is no ...


Found the problem. It was a problem with my host, in the path the ID3 folder name was uppercase, while on the server for some reason it was lowercase, this is why it didn't find it.


You should use http://example.com/page-slug/ where page-slug is page created by make Query.php as template. <form action="http://example.com/page-slug/" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" name="contact">


I found the prolem and resolved it. I edited the following: add_complete_tour($tourTitle,$keywords,$sourceTour,$destinationTour,$duration,$tourContent,$agancyservice,$passports,$transport,$hotel_name,$hotelRate,$room1,$room2,$room3,$room4,$desc); And added $reg_errors to global variable in add_complete_tour function: global ...


The answer is right there in your error. Your first if checks that $reg_errors is definitely an instance of WP_Error, but your elseif doesn't. You need: elseif ( is_wp_error( $reg_errors ) && count( $reg_errors->get_error_messages() ) < 1 )

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