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Apparently, for the PHP code to run (with the WordPress functions), you have to use AJAX differently First, you need to add wp_localize_script() to add data to the script. I used the following code: // For AJAX loading of sections wp_localize_script('customizer', 'ajax', array( 'url' => admin_url('admin-ajax.php') )); Where customizer is the ...


If you are targeting class method you need to pass an array where first argument is class instance and second is method name as string. Your add_shortcode line should look like this: add_shortcode($this->short_code_name, array($this, 'do_frontend_shortcode'));


I get that answer. I go to this file: wp-includes/deprecated.php and find this line in (deprecated) wp_get_http() function: @set_time_limit ( 60 ); just comment out this line and it works fine. Because wordpress hard coded that 60 seconds limit, this hard coded setting was over-ridding my php.ini settings. so I comment out that line, my php.ini ...


to link plugin and theme, I recommend you to use hooks. In the theme, you create a new hook with do_action("under_the_picture");. And in the plugin you make a hook like this : add_action("under_the_picture", function () { echo "plugin data to display under the picture"; }); then when the plugin is not activated, the theme place "under_the_picture" is ...

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