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Have you tried comment_post action? It's fired right after the comment is inserted into the database. function share_comment_on_facebook( $comment_ID ) { $commentdata = get_comment( $comment_ID ); if ( $commentdata['comment_approved'] ) { // fire up the code to launch pop up } } add_action( 'comment_post', 'share_comment_on_facebook' ); ...


Try this plug-in social media-plug-in Publish posts automatically to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. https://wordpress.org/plugins/social-media-auto-publish/


The main reason not to save access keys in the WP database or a file is for security. See this article on how it affected one WP programmer and publisher. http://wptavern.com/ryan-hellyers-aws-nightmare-leaked-access-keys-result-in-a-6000-bill-overnight

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