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Looked it up on Disqus' website and found a link that may answer your question. You will need to install the disqus plugin to do it automatically, or use the Tools > Export feature to export posts from which Disqus can pull comments. Importing to Disqus


On my host this plugin doesn't work, so I write a simple script to update links to images and import metadata.


THE SHORT Export sudo mysqldump -u root -pPASSWORD DBNAME > filename.sql Import wp db import filename.sql THE LONG So this turns out to be very painless. The server dump is exactly what WP-CLI needs to import. REMOTE sudo mkdir backup Make a directory for the file. sudo chown -f -R ec2-user:group backup Set permissions to the directory ...


The tool that used to do this has been discontinued. However, you can still import your posts through a feed. On your blogger site go to Layout -> Add a Gadget -> Feed Add your WordPress feed. It should be found at

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