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I found the following plugin that shows the results on many phrases of the same post:


How do the websites that are well optimized for sharing and excerpt displays are handling this subject ? They definitely have separate fields for excerpt / share-text etc. This is the only way to be certain what text gets used. These sites also make use of special meta tags in the head to send Facebook, Twitter et al. information about the content that ...


You can just remove the filter before calling the_excerpt and then add it back afterwards... remove_filter('excerpt_more','new_excerpt_more'); the_excerpt(); add_filter('excerpt_more', 'new_excerpt_more');


Ok, I've found the answer myself through a lot of Googling :) If anyone else is struggling, this pastebin provides a solid solution for stripping out headings from the excerpts. The solution was provided by Michael at the Wordpress Support Forum.

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