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Ok this was a rather simple answer. It appears that once you add the code you have to expand the screen options and enable it in the actual admin view. This link is what helped me Function Reference/add post type support.


Hi I'm not 100% sure I understood your question correctly but give this a try if you want to replace that excerpt [...] with anything you want. You can use this hook to manipulate that. Where "More" is after the &nbsp you can use what ever you'd like or even use CSS to change it's styles. Paste this in your functions.php and edit it to fit your needs. ...


the_excerpt() is one of a few template tags that do not accept a post ID as a parameter. Instead, you need to set up the global $post, run your tags, then restore it: if ( $_post = get_post( 10 ) ) { setup_postdata( $post = $_post ); the_excerpt(); // Any other template tags for this post wp_reset_postdata(); }

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