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This is more of a PHP question than a WordPress question. The function strpos() takes several arguments, the second of which is the "needle" - see In this case it looks like the needle argument being passed is empty, thus the error. You would need to track down what other code is calling the parent function in a ...


As discussed in the comments, your database prefix settings are off-kilter. Check the database prefix actually in use in your database, and make sure it's the same as the one in wp-config.php. Also make sure all of your WordPress-related tables have the same prefix. You'll also need to search through your database, particularly in the _options table, as ...


You're missing a semicolon on your add_action.


The only way I could find to solve this problem was creating a new instance on DigitalOcean and migrate all the data. It seems to me that once the MySQL was broken it couldn't be fixed anymore.


You might be able to narrow it down using output buffering on different hooks... eg. add_action('plugins_loaded','start_buffer'); function start_buffer() {ob_start();} add_action('wp_loaded','end_buffer'); function end_buffer(); {ob_end_clean();} ie. this is a broad test but if the error goes away, the output is happening between those two actions, if ...

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