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I have a local copy, dev copy and and live copy. No plugins are installed on local or dev. Checked live, there's a plugin! Activated, fixed.


The first issue is your hosting company fault. The underlying library that performs the authentication that you are actually connecting to wordpress.org is probably missing some related configuration to be able to complete correctly the authentication. The solution they gave you is not secure and while I don't believe anything bad will happen because of ...


The JavaScript function wp_attempt_focus is causing this issue. The function fires shortly after page load, clears the form and focuses on it, forcing users to manually enter their login information. Chrome is filling in the username and password automatically, just milliseconds before the JS function clears the field. Chrome does not properly pick up the ...


First thing i see that needs to be changed is your assigining unchecked values to your input fields. Try wrapping isset round the variable before echoing, this will stop errors if they are not assigned or empty. Second thing as you have passed a post id to get_post_custom() you dont need the second array. function basin_manager_meta_options(){ global ...


There is nothing like answering your own question. After more testing I have found that increasing the PHP memory_limit fixed the issue. Which would all make sens the larger resolution of the image means more processing to compile the different sizes when uploading and saving the image. I increased it to 96M and problem gone.

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