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Use the proper charset in you website according with the characters you use, that is the correct solution from my point of view. What your are trying is some work around that don't fix the real issue. You must note that UTF-8 is the standard enconding recommend for internet nowdays. ISO-8859-1 was considered the standard for 4.01, although most of the ...


I found the same problem at 2 of my clients websites. The problem in both cases was in the page.php situated in the theme file. What I did? First; made sure WordPress was fresher up by reinstalling manually. Then removed the malicious code from the page.php file and voila!Works like a charm! Hope this helps!


Immediately Take backup of the root files from your Hosting panel and Upload fresh WordPress files, it will fix the issue. Its not a Database Issue Rather a New Hack came which is making sites corrupt. There is not changes in .htaccess and other thing. Instead of spending time on hit and trial please follow what I advice, Just coming from recovering a ...


Somehow your files get broken. It can be UTF8 encoding problem, hacker attack, broken plugin. It's difficult to say what happend without checking your files and log. I recommend you to backing up all files&database , deactivate all plugins and themes and update manually by following this guide : codex.wordpress.org/Updating_WordPress#Manual_Update

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