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Answer <?php /** * Shortcode look like this. * [tweet url="http://www.yourwebsitename.com"] Twitter [/tweet] */ add_shortcode ( "tweet" , "ease_button" ); function ease_button( $atts, $content ) { extract(shortcode_atts( array( "url" => false, ), $atts )); $url = ( $atts['url'] ) ? ...


The main problem here is WordPress COM and ORG are NOT equal. Questions about support for the former are actually off-topic on WordPress Development. One consequence of the non-equality of com and org is that the latter has no shortcode [instagram], so naturally it won't work - the built-in shortcodes can be seen at this list. On the other hand, you are ...


I was able to get all the embedded media content within a post using a new WordPress hook (3.6+). get_media_embedded_in_content();

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