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My colleague (Talha) solved it. Some files in wp-include weren't uploaded properly because i was using FTP (Filezilla), I re uploaded the entire folder using cpanel and it worked!


Easy thing, install plugin called tinymce-advanced and in the setting page for the plugin just click check box for Stop removing the p and br tags when saving and show them in HTML editor and save.


I know this is a fairly old forum...I've come across many on this issue of visual editor stripping tags when switiching tabs...I simple followed this link: http://rubayathasan.com/reviews/enabling-line-break-in-wordpress/#comment-1349250 and installed TinyMCE Advanced...all is working like a charm and I now have more features to be able to add to my visual ...


As ever, when you know the answer it's maddeningly simple. The custom post types were there all along, together with their taxonomy. All posts are absent from the menu editor and have to be turned on in Screen Options. I pressed the button and lo, there they were.


I figured out it was because of an script that was delivered with the Options Framework. There was a little piece of code in my functions.php which caused wrong javascript to be loaded. When you are having the same problem, be sure to search for something like wp_enqueue_media(); or something of the following script, comment out and try to upload a ...


gdaniel, thank you for your reply, but actually I mean different : 1) show missing fields in my post_type listing 2) modify categories block, not to add/delete categories, but always show 2 existing categories, as they are constants for my post_type .


You need to add support for thumbnails in your theme. So, put this in your theme files: function custom_theme_setup() { add_theme_support( $feature, $arguments ); } add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'custom_theme_setup' ); This enables the thumbnail/feature image support for all post types in your current theme including normal posts and pages.

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