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If you're willing to create a child theme and put your PHP files in there, this approach is relatively clean. For each file, create a rewrite rule where you specify the path you want to use and the filename that should load. In the example below, /custom-path/ loads custom-file.php from the root of your child theme directory and /custom-path-2/ loads custom-...


You could create a page with the slug you want, and add a custom field that specifies the HTML path to output (in this example using either htmlfilepath or htmlurl as the metakey): add_action('wp','maybe_direct_html_output'); function maybe_direct_html_output() { if (is_singular()) { global $post; $htmlfilepath = get_post_meta($post->...


Folder domain it's different from folder sub domain. So, You have install to folder domain first and then to your sub domain or your blog. tutorial install wordpress Link and sub domain Link

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