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Check out Query Monitor combined with Query Monitor Extend for comprehensive debugging of WordPress (PHP errors/notices/stricts/warnings, database queries, paths, constants, HTTP requests, transients, session variables, var dumps). Also check out All Post Meta and Saving What plugins for specific info on posts.


Firstly I add define('WP_DEBUG', false); to the wp-config.php file (as most people have said) to my local install which is a recent copy of a relevant production site (both files and data). This makes stuff quick, safe, separate but reflects well at least one place the plugin will actually be used. I also add the Debug Bar plugin together with some of the ...


PHP constants don't have the leading $. Strictly, this isn't WordPress, but since there isn't a Core is_debug() function that I am aware of, what you want is: if (defined('WP_DEBUG') && true === WP_DEBUG) { echo 'd00d'; }

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