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@IlmarsL: thanks! I really did not think of that. I had the plugin Query Monitor enabled and this was the problem... Turning Query Monitor off solved the problem and memory did no more longer increase.


I faced this frustrating problem. None of the core functions were working. So I included this: require( '../../../wp-load.php' ); As a better practice: if(!defined(ABSPATH)){ $parse_uri = explode( 'wp-content', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] ); var_dump($parse_uri); $parse_uri = str_ireplace('index.php', 'wp-load.php', $parse_uri); ...


ok... after @milo comments i went ahead and searched for wp_enqueue_scripts in my plugin folders and found 2 plugins doing it wrong. Fixed them (until the next update) and everything works... So, i have no controll - these are good plugins and yet. wrote the plugins authors and hope for the best. thats all - case solved

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