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Had the same problem... clearing the cookies didn't do the trick. What did the trick was logging in via incognito mode first, and then I was able to login normally.


PHPStorm and Xdebug is a game changing for me for WordPress development. Highly recommend now. Specially with theirs inline debug tools.


This could be output a ton of different places and ways, but judging on what you re saying, and that you can't see anything in your header.php, check your theme functions.php. Look for something along the lines of this: dirname(__FILE__); pathinfo(__FILE__, PATHINFO_FILENAME); SCRIPT_FILENAME If no luck still, check index.php and then check mu-plugins ...


You may want to check out WP Performance Profiler for this. It is similar to P3 Performance Profiler in that it detects the amount of resources required for a specific plugin on your Wordpress installation, however it goes more in-depth than P3. It is also a good tool if you are a plugin developer and wanting to run load tests on your plugin.

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