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This seems to work, modifying the display_css_output() in this way: function display_css_output() { $html = get_transient( 'my_custom_styles' ); if ( empty( $html ) ) { $html = $this->generate_css_output(); global $wp_customize; if ( ! isset( $wp_customize ) ) { set_transient( 'my_custom_styles', $html, ...


Got it, after making a Custom Shortcode (this can be found on standard WP docs), then by direct calling one of JW player's function, from the Template File, like: generate_playlist( '1234' ); It will then return a complete Array of the JW Playlist Object, so we can parse it out.


You can use the the following attributes for the gallery shortcode: [gallery itemtag="ul" icontag="li" captiontag="li"] The problem with this is that the gallery shortcode wraps the image and the caption in different elements(thats why the default solution is using dl-dt-dd), so this will generate one li element for the image, and one for the caption. You ...

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