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Replace your code with this. This warning is because PHP4 style constructors are depreciated since WordPress 4.3 /** * @Agents(s) list widget Class */ if ( ! class_exists( 'cs_agentlist' ) ) { class cs_agentlist extends WP_Widget { /** * Outputs the content of the widget * @param array $args * @param array $instance */ /** * @init User list ...


A Custom Post seems entirely appropriate - in fact there is no logical alternative.


Yes, a combination of custom post types and custom fields. Since each post will technically be an external resource, you will want a custom field for the URL. "Headline" will be the title "Publication date" could be the post date, or a custom field "Publication logo" could be the featured image The "snippet" would go in the content (editor) box This is ...


I personally really like the GEO service provided by ip-api.com It is very simple to use and a sample PHP code to grab the countryCode would give you what you need very simply. You can do MUCH more and you can read the full doc on it but for your specific needs listed, here is a sample code: $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $query = ...

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