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You will have to specify template directory in your inline background style too. Use it like this. <header class="entry-header" style="background: url('<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/images/bg_the-firm.jpg')no-repeat left top;"> If WordPress strip your inline styles, you can use body classes to add specific styles to each page. ...


Have much to say about both W3TC and pagespeed, but will try to stay on the point. You should never have a JS external element in you HTML as part of the actual content, they should be either in the head element (but only scripts that must be loaded before the page finishes loading) or just before the end of the body. CSS should be only in the head ...


You should add !important to your styles in order to override it. Better way to do this is to copy the .img-responsive styles from the Bootstrap CSS file and apply these styles to your desired HTML element instead of adding a class using PHP. img.attachment-large { display: block; max-width: 100%; height: auto; } Or target the element by the ...


There is a plugin Airplane Mode that tweaks good chunk of network–related things core does. I am not entirely sure which kinds of external resources you mean. If you import site and its media into local development installation then most of it will be local already.

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