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Hi @MsManiya: Here's what I could find for WordPress+CRM: SlipFire's WP-CRM Cregy CRM for WordPress (also) Customer Relationship Management WP Plugin Salesforce to Lead Plugin for WordPress WordPress integration with Tactile CRM CRM Tags on WordPress.org Support


The only project I know that is viable is rolopress, download it and see what you can adjust. FYI I have a related question open here: http://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/9530/does-a-free-personal-relationship-system-exist-out-there/9545#9545 but for a PRM. But the thing you are looking for is I think not a CRM system but a PM/software project ...


WP is not really interested in what you add to the url string. But you could extract the url with native php functions and add your parts to the global wp_query; object using add_query_arg(). Then you can receive it via get_query_var() anywhere you need it. You could also use a hook to do the adding-job: function wpse42947_add_query_vars( $vars ) { ...

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