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You don't need to pass the from name and email to PHPMailer in your code as it will take it from $headers so try the following: add_action( "phpmailer_init", "send_smtp_email" ); function send_smtp_email( $phpmailer ) { // ini_set("sendmail_from",""); // ini_set("sendmail_path",""); // Define that we are sending with SMTP ...


I resolved the proble with ob_ functions and DOMDocument. Its better than jquery or css for protect the form. I use every time this kind of solution whene i cant access to a part of html content through a hook. function remove_extra_field_profile() { $current_file_url = preg_replace( "#\?.*#" , "" , basename( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) ); if( ...


You Should go with "Gravity Forms" Try This.

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