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Since you've designated a specific page to be your Post Archive ( blog ) it no longer is a standard page; meaning is_page() will likely fail. Since your blog page is now more of an archive, it is automatically being returned because of your first conditional. is_singular() - Returns true when viewing a single page, post, or post type. So what you're ...


because you are using a text widget, this is what I can suggest you do... if you have links like this on your widget, <a href="#">link 1</a> <a href="#">link 2</a> <a href="#">link 3</a> <a href="#">link 4</a> you could add a class to it based on body classes. you can check yours in your browser by viewing ...


Its not identical to Drupal Views, but i think WP Views is the closest you will get to Drupal Views. I am a Drupal guy, and i use WP Views for every Wordpress project i create.

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