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is_page() is not available at that point try using global $post that way the post ID should be available for comparison. add_filter( 'preprocess_comment', 'wpb_preprocess_comment' ); function wpb_preprocess_comment($comment) { global $post; if ((strlen( $comment['comment_content'] ) < 60 ) && ($post->ID == 42)) { wp_die('Minimum allowed ...


Bulk edit the existing pages in the dashboard Posts or Pages view as noted here: Go to your All Posts page. Click on the checkbox in the header. Choose "Edit" under the bulk actions drop-down and then click Apply. The bulk edit area will appear. In the middle of the bulk edit area will be four drop-down menus. The second one is for comments. Change it to ...


Those options do not appear from the core but, they're are part of the Jetpack plugin. You should check with Jetpack files. Off-topic: I personally would prefer to disable these on Woocommerce pages. Hope this helps

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