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here if you use custom template past this in the begining <?php if( 'POST' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] ) { if ( $_FILES ) { $files = $_FILES["my_file_upload"]; foreach ($files['name'] as $key => $value) { if ($files['name'][$key]) { $file = array( 'name' => ...


If you are talking about the wp-admin dashboard, then, the editor will be inside Appearance > Editor. The $12 you are paying looks like just the domain name fee. For safely editing the php files, you need ftp or sftp access. You need to contact the Tumblr support team for this issue.


Its Very simple you can implement like this ${variable_name}.another_varibale; For Example for($i=1;$i<10; $i++) { ${total}.$i = 10+$i; } for(j=1;j<10;j++ { echo ${total}.$i; }

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