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There are no doubt a lot of factors at play when talking Wordpress performance optimization. Implementing a caching plugin and a CDN are certainly great options for accelerating your site speed. A CDN will help speed up your static content globally, will help with scalability, among many other things. A caching plugin will generate a static HTML file of ...


As Antony Gibbs noted the caching plugin will work best if you have rarely updated content. This is in my experience a key factor to caching tools. As for using a CDN, I use Cloud Flare on a few of my busier sites and the analytics screen from Cloud Flare regularly shows that I save an average bandwidth anywhere between 30%-60% depending on the type of ...


If your content is rarely updated and that you have configured a caching solution to have what is commonly called a 'supercache'. This means that ounce a page is cached, next call to that page will return a static content, without requiring a call to a php interpreter. Even on a cheap hosting, you can hold some huge traffic (over 1000 hits/s) and your next ...


The full snippet would be this: wp_enqueue_script( 'prefix-font-awesome', '' );

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