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Yep it's possible depending on what you want to cache. I've done a similar thing to cache the main loop on our homepage. Essentially you can use the posts_request and posts_results to hijack the query and hit the cache instead then also use found_posts to correct the pagination. Really rough example pulled from our code (untested) but you should help you ...


It will be made possible in 4.6 (assuming no changes till release) with the new posts_pre_query filter


At the moment, it is not possible. When 'pre_get_posts' runs, is too late to stop WP_Query to perform a query. WordPress itself, when you try to query a taxonomy that does not exists, adds AND (0 = 1) to the WHERE clause of the SQL query, to ensure it returns no results very quickly... There's a trac ticket with a patch that will probably lands in core ...


This is PHP question more than a WordPress question. As @Mark commented: returning from the action do not return by magic from the calling function That is true. Placing return in function mean exit the function and placing return in a PHP file mean exit the file. Do not get confused with PHP construct exit() :P (You might find a better answer on SO ...

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