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You could just write your own query, too. That way, it's one query per category: global $wpdb; $query = ' SELECT wpp1.* FROM ' . $wpdb->posts . ' AS wpp1 LEFT JOIN ' . $wpdb->term_relationships . ' AS wptr1 ON wptr1.object_id = wpp1.ID WHERE post_type = %s AND post_status = %s AND wptr1.term_taxonomy_id = %d ORDER BY wpp1.post_date DESC LIMIT %d '; ...


This has nothing to do with caching, but with form auto-completion. It is happening because the browser is set to store form content. To avoid this, you should generate a random code and add it to the name attribute of your input tags. Then send the random generated number trough another hidden input so you can retrieve the data on the other side.


WordPress doesn't actively participate in the process of actually serving your stylesheet file. It links to it in page source, but as actual physical file the handling of it isn't done by WordPress core and passed to the webserver to be served as any static file would be. ?ver=3.9.1 is added by default, if actual version isn't provided when queueing the ...

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