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Taken from the source code of get_bloginfo(), Here is a very very simple class you can utelize and extent at your will. I have decided to make use of methods, making properties public from a class is really not great coding and not recommended. I know Wordpress thrive on public properties, but that is Wordpress. Here is the class (which you should convert ...


The meta description isn't part of the Twenty Fifteen theme. You mentioned the Yoast plugin in a previous question yesterday, so I guess the meta description comes from there. According to their API page, there's a filter called wpseo_metadesc that might be what you're looking for. Here's an untested example: /** * Change the Yoast meta description for ...


These answers are all slower than just using get_bloginfo normally. Most of the various things that the get_bloginfo function can get use the built in WordPress memory caching system. They don't generally suffer from speed issues from being called multiple times, because things like options and other stuff that come from the database are cached the first ...


You can filter template_directory_uri: <?php add_filter( 'template_directory_uri', function( $template_dir_uri ){ return str_replace( '', '', $template_dir_uri ); }); This will change URIs so they point at a CDN subdomain served via HTTPS.

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