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Before I start, I would recommend that you read: Creating a Static Front Page OK, when you select a static front page, one of the following templates are used to display the front page front-page.php page.php any other custom page template This is the part that you already have working from what I can understand from your question Now, the blog page. ...


This doesn't work the way you think it does because get_pages doesn't do what you think it does. First, understand that all pages, all content, in WordPress is really a "post". A "Page" is just a special type of post. Now, in a normal environment, you wouldn't call "get_" anything. This is why you're confused, because you're directly getting things and ...


Without seeing your front-page.php file, here is what I'd suggest if you're using a posts page of "Blog". Create a custom page template for your Blog page. This is done the same way as front-page.php except for 2 things... You'll need to put the following comment at the top of your blog.php file (if that's what you're gonna call it. /* Template Name: ...


I ended up using <?php } else if(is_home()) { ?> <section class="m-main-hero-single"></section> <section class="m-single-page-header"> <h1>Blog</h1> </section> and it worked.

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