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In principle PHP can do this with exec(), so WordPress can as well. You do not specify enough details, but it sounds either like form submit or Ajax request. Different implementation but in the end you will be running exec() just as well. PS think really hard on how secure it will be and which kind of data you will allow to pass this way.


In your template where you see the_title(), you will want to change it to something along the following: echo get_the_title() . ', ' . 'posted by ' . get_the_author() . ', ' . human_time_diff( get_the_time( 'U' ), current_time( 'timestamp' ) ) . ' ago'; human_time_diff() is the one doing the part regarding your topic. Though you also ...


There is no build in template assigment for indivual standar posts from edit screen. But you can assign templates for individual posts. There are several options: Use WordPress template hierarchy system Under the root folder of your theme you can create this files: single.php for all single posts of any type. single-post.php, if this file exists, it will ...

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