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I found a nice way to do this using the preview_post_link filter, which allows you to rewrite the URL used by the preview operation. In my case I did something like: add_filter( 'preview_post_link', function ( $link ) { return 'http://domain.com/mobile-preview/?src=' . urlencode($link) . '%26admin_bar=false'; } ); When I click my preview button ...


For anyone who runs into this type of issue in the future, the firewall in the data center was blocking the requests. I'm not sure of the exact actions taken by the data center staff, but they were able to whitelist the site. I was able to work around the issue as well by changing the location of the wp-admin folder (which is not a great idea, but if you ...


If you are running mod_security or anything like that would be first thing to check. Security modules are server are known to react badly to WP's POST requests. That is consistent with circumstances you describe (post saves, Ajax).

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