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If you are using Linux, you are lucky enough, there is a command line tool EasyEngine which lets you install your complete site in 5 3 minutes, It was publicly released recently at Wordcamp Mumbai 2014. Not just installation, but also provides you other options to manage sites. I'd say a really handy tool.


I'd highly recommend WP-CLI for such tasks. It is a tool that allows installation and configuration of WordPress on the command line. What you are trying could easily be done: wp core download wp core config --dbname=<dbname> --dbuser=<dbuser> --dbpass=<dbpass> wp core install --url=<url> --title=<site-title> ...


I worked out an easy and elegant way to solve this problem - After doing the installation I can simply use CURL to submit the values for the initial user through a web page with a command line like curl --data ...

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