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I can think of a few possibilities, though there certainly could be more. On successful login there is a redirect to the dashboard meaning that if you expect to see something output by that function, you won't. Try this: add_filter('authenticate', 'my_authenticate', 1000, 2); function my_authenticate($user, $username){ var_dump($user, $username); ...


I've met the same issue. ...the recommended Basic Auth... I found that the problem is in the Basic Auth plugin. WP-API guys recommend using their own plugin and this solution works for me. Deactivate all activated basic auth plugins in your WordPress dashboard On the machine your WordPress is running go to the plugin folder Run git clone ...


Hook into wp_login and use oAuth from the rest-api to validate against the other site. I'm sure keeping the user info the same between the two sites would be tough though


Yes it's possible. But I prefer not to give a beginner lesson in brute force attacks. I recommend you take a look at wp-api it uses OAuth Authentication for remote apps. It's the way to go by all means.

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