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You can not and probably should not. The proper full name of that setting should have been "remember me on this browser (for 14 days)". The point is that it is not even a user based settings and it can have different values on the same computer with different browser sessions. In addition since it is fully user controlled you should not rely on it to have ...


What you found is actually perfectly accurate. With WP's commitment to backwards compatibility it's not that common for thing to stop working. This filter is used in wp_set_auth_cookie() to calculate the duration. Resulting value is used in PHP's setcookie(). There is no mention of specifics limits in documentation, so in practice the value is limited by ...


if you do not want to (or you cannot) change permissions on wp-content so your web server has write permissions, then add this to your wp-config.php file: define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');


NO, this is only because of the owner/permission of your folder where wordpress files are present. Please check the folder permission, if that is 0755 then replace it with 0777 by using chmod 777 -R FOLDERNAME and try to upload, After this if will get again same issue change the folder owner by using chown www-data FOLDERNAME For example in your case the ...

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