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You couldn't have a more perfect solution, since this is precisely what WordPress core itself has to handle. See, in early years WP used just one pass MD5 for passwords. Then they went to better hashing, but obviously it should have kept working with old hashes. Now if you take a look at wp_check_password(), what it is doing (at the moment user attempts to ...


I have similar functionality on one of my app. I used wp_set_auth_cookie(). Remove the custom_login() function and use wp_set_auth_cookie($user_id) in its place.


As ialocin mentioned some requirements will require extra customizations. I can create a number of passwords to access the page You would create user accounts. Passwords don't exist without users. An expiration date can be set for each password This isn't implemented in wordpress and requires the most work. You could probably store a date in ...

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