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That's a lot of unattached images. If you have couple of hundred images then you can delete them manually from media library. 1. Click 'Screen Options' at the top right and set 'Show on screen' to 200. 2. Click 'Apply'. 3. Click the checkbox just under 'Bulk Actions' to check all images on the page. 4. Select 'Delete Permanently' in the 'Bulk Actions' ...


I just created a plugin because I had the same problem. You can download it from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/delete-original-image/


This is correct behavior, if your attachment doesn't actually have anything in post_content field (which is quite common). When post–centric templates run, prepend_attachment() is used as filter to "emulate" post content. This is not the case with template "intended" for attachments. If you look at template-loader.php: elseif ( is_attachment() ...


There's a great PHP solution here which will add the gallery editor to the custom post type editor - great, if like me, you are creating custom post types using PHP and importing data using WPAllImport. In this case, I want to ensure I use the default gallery so I can allow my clients to edit/add/delete imported images. The code below adds the gallery ...

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