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I found this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/enhanced-text-widget/ and it works perfectly when I put the php inside of the widget. However It would be nice to do it without any plugins.


You are using get_option() wrong, first variant, so take another look at the get_option() documentation. Basically you can't directly access an array element with the function, it just doesn't support it. The second variant should be possible, but you need at least PHP 5.4 - if I'm not totally mistaken; I don't know anything about dreamweaver. The reason ...


Looking at your code you are calling the function ghoolo_mango() by using the the wp actoin hook. This is fine but be aware that it will add your post everytime a page loads. The problem is that you are also calling the function ghoolo_mango() within the function itself - i.e. it will keep calling it over and over. To fix the problem, remove the line ...

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