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Newlines are not valid inside json strings. However you are outputting this code or otherwise checking it for sanity is somehow adding newlines into your long strings here. Check that your strings really are all one line and not broken up into multiple lines.


I tried another solution and that did the trick. I found in the WooCommerce docs this little snippet: // Display 24 products per page. Goes in functions.php add_filter( 'loop_shop_per_page', create_function( '$cols', 'return 24;' ), 20 );. It is overriding the settings in the customizer. I only have to change the number '24' to my liking.


What you're getting is an array so you need to implode() them - the Walker_Nav_Menu has something like this: $class_names = esc_attr( implode( ' ', apply_filters( 'nav_menu_css_class', array_filter( $classes ), $item ) ) ); So you can modify your foreach to implode them in a similar fashion $class = esc_attr( implode( ' ', apply_filters( '...


This $_GET['variable'] is an array, as per your URL query string ?variable[]=value1&variable[]=value2, $_GET['variable'][0] and $_GET['variable'][1] should return those 2 key values Edit - after the discussion - making it dynamic $meta_query = array(); if ( ! empty( $_GET["variable"] ) ) { if ( is_array( $_GET["variable"] ) ) { $meta_query['...

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